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Onsight Gear is a California-based climbing accessories company dedicated to providing climbers with innovative, high-quality and eco-friendly gear. We are a unique collective of rock climbers who have fallen in love with the sport over the years and want to share our passion.

PurChalk is our line of rock-colored chalk. It came about because of the necessity to preserve the rocks that we climb on. Onsight Gear was founded in 2015 as a means to help reduce the visual footprint that climbers were leaving on the rock face and to help raise awareness on leaving no trace behind when exploring the outdoors. Partnering up with national advocacy organizations to keep climbing areas open, we’re able to help raise awareness on climbing access issues and the importance of picking up after yourself when you go outdoors

White chalk marks are found everywhere at climbing locations, caked onto each hold, you can see the chalk marks before you even get to your climb! This ruins the rock face and ruins the climbing experience for not only climbers, but hikers, campers and the general public. We wanted to try and reduce this by coming out with our line of rock-colored chalk and believe that this is a positive step forward to help keep climbing access open for generations to come.