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Melanie Winsor - Onsight Gear Sponsored Athlete

Age: 25

Hometown: Bishop, CA (raised in NY)

Favorite Rock Type: Granite

Favorite Climbing Area: Bishop

Goal: Always have climbing as major part of my life.  I want to always be a positive, ethical, and inspirational role model to the climbing community to maintain an amazing environment that fosters deep, and meaningful relationships.

About Melanie:

I grew up in NY, and after high school, I joined the US Navy for about 5 years.  After that, I obtained my Bachelor’s of Science in Nuclear Engineering Technology and have moved on to pursuing an Electrical Engineering degree as well.  At the end of 2013, my husband and I were both out of the military, and we decided to hit the road to decompress from work and city life.  We bought a RV and moved out to Bishop, CA, living off the grid in campgrounds and on public land ever since with our two huskies.  I have learned a lot about what is really important and what I want out of life.  I have met so many incredible people from all over the world, and instantly felt like we have been friends for a lifetime.  That is what I find truly special about the climbing community.  I am so very excited to be a joining Onsight Gear’s team, and appreciate their support in my climbing as well as the positive example they set for the climbing community.      

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April 07, 2016 by Randall Ly